Time to Taco ’bout It

Dear Fam,

Subject: Something we must “taco” bout!

– If you happen to find yourself shopping and you come across some really cool socks in the men’s department of a store (and you’re a girl), do not be afraid to buy them. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a girl and finding yourself wanting to buy boy socks. Actually, there is nothing wrong in general with being a girl and wanting to buy any type of “boy” material or clothing. Live in the moment and wear what sets you free! You deserve to rock a style that makes you feel most comfortable and most YOU. Originals are hard to come by, so please take pride in who you are, especially if it means wanting to shop in the men’s department because they have really cool taco socks. 🌮


Much love from a lover who loves tacos!

photo credit: @flukephotog and @mel_costanzo